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For over 10 years professionals have relied on Intellasia Finance Vietnam reports that give in-depth analysis of what is happening in the business and finance world in Vietnmam — every day.
The Intellasia Finance Vietnam bulletin is without a doubt the most wide-ranging and informative source of finance and business news available in Vietnam.
How is it helpful?
Tri Tue - Intellasia’s Finance Vietnam reveal financial and business news as it happens and — potential policy changes — every day Monday to Friday.

What Intellasia Finance Vietnam contains: daily coverage of the finance and legal issues in Vietnam. Coverage is not limited to purely financial issues, but revolves around every matter of importance that professionals need to be aware of in this emerging and rapidly changing economy. Laws and government policies are changing almost daily that requires careful consideration by those who have an interest in Vietnam.
Bulletin frequency
Reports is daily, weekly, and a monthly referenced compilation of about 700 informative articles monthly


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  • government policy
  • business deal-making
  • key economic data
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Intellasia Finance Vietnam

Content details: Comprehensive coverage of all banking and finance issues affecting the finance sector. Central bank policy is of particular importance and every relevant statement issued by the State Bank of Vietnam is reported.
The daily bulletin focuses on changes to banking regulations, banking system recapitalisation, restructuring and reform, interest rate policy, individual bank performance, debt exposure, NPLs, separation of government initiated policy lending by the main four state-run commercial banks, joint stock bank mergers and restructuring and the shift toward financial market-based principles.
The report gives an insight of domestic banks management restructuring and development to become more internationally oriented financial institutions.

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